What to do with your kids during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

What to do with your kids during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

These are confusing times for everyone.

The Corona Virus has spread rapidly and has already drastically changed the way we go about our daily lives. Even if may be temporary, the uncertainty of it all is causing a lot of discomfort.

If you’re a parent, chances are that you’re sitting at home with your kids right now. Working from home, schools closed down, nowhere to go.

So what can you do during these times when you feel out of control?

We may not be able to control the situation, but you can control how you respond. You can control the actions you are taking and how you decide to spend your days indoors. With a bit of planning and inspiration, you can feel a bit more in control and calm. Also check @playandgo.eu on social media for playtime inspo.

Here are some of our best tips and activities for the upcoming time.

First of all: No need for stress or panic!

Schools may be closed and you’re suddenly at home with all your children. It can be disorienting, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, in these times, we need strong leaders to guide us.. so why not try to be one yourself? To set the tone and make sure that everyone feels calm.

Again, there is a lot of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: we can control how we respond to it all. If you’re worried about kids missing out on learning, relax! The next 2-3 weeks can be filled with learning all kinds of new things: not everything is taught in school. Play together, bake together, build new things together, talk together and reconnect with each other. This is the time to take it easy and set a great example.

Create a simple schedule and stick to it

Creating a consistent schedule at home can help you and your kids cope with the situation and give some sense of control. But that’s easier said than done. Have you ever tried creating a schedule and struggled sticking to it? Same here.

But there is a way to quickly create an imperfect schedule. An imperfect routine is better than no routine at all. You can try to divide your day into sections, like so:

  • Before breakfast, after breakfast.
  • Before noon, afternoon.
  • Before bedtime, after bedtime (for the kids)

So you can spread your tasks, starting with the most important ones first (see below). This is especially handy if you are suddenly working from home and trying to juggle multiple things. But do keep in mind, we’re all in the same boat! Take it easy upon yourself and know that others most likely understand the struggles you’re facing.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things to do. Keeping it to 3 tasks maximum (per area, topic) to focus on can help you tackle things without getting overwhelmed.

Frontload your day and do most things in the morning

Try to frontload your day by doing most work/learning in the morning. You’ll end up feeling productive and have the rest of the day for other activities such as crafts, exercise (during learning too!) and games.

If you want to provide learning opportuities, create a rough outline of the things your kids usually do at school and what they are interested in right now, to give the impromptu lessons a fun twist. You can have a look at homeschooling groups to give you a bit of extra support and inspiration for the time being.

Lessons don’t have to take long at all, in fact, try to instill the love of learning and encourage children to create a lifelong learning habit. It can be seen as mental exercise, keeping your brain engaged and learning more all together.

Download free resources that your child will like

There are websites that provide free educational resources like Mystery Science, Twinkl.co.uk and Khan Academy.

There are also some great educational resources made by Ellen JMC Henry. Keep your child not just occupied but engaged with all kinds of interesting information.


Play and go… make something awesome

Get creative with things you have at home. This is a great time to look into recycling projects that don’t require a lot of unusual supplies. Even if you don’t have craft supplies on hand, there are plenty of ways you can get creative. What about building the best paper airplanes? Youtube has videos of record-setting paper airplanes that can be made with simple a4 sheets! Or what about a big fort in the living room? Everything is allowed right now, let’s make sure this time is all about being together, not all about panic.

Instead of cartoons, go for educational apps

Think kids may get bored? Think again! Have you ever tried out AR apps? Augmented Reality is here to stay. Learn something new with apps like JigSpace and get to see how things are made, in your living room.

There are also lots of other options like Mekorama (cool puzzles), Lightbot Code Hour (coding), Math Doodles (math with a fun twist) and even more advanced apps like Procreate for creating digital artworks.

Keep the movement going!

This is also the time to keep on moving. Parkour in the living room, made-up fitness sessions for kids, skipping rope, playing tag and hide-and-seek with the entire family; by all means, play and go wild!

We will be sharing activity ideas on our social media channels, so if you are in need of inspiration, you can find us there.