10 Things To Do At The Beach

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Summer is here, and it is time to spend the long, sunny days playing at the beach! It is easy to understand why kids enjoy playing at the beach – there is so much opportunity to let the imagination run wild. While the ocean and the sand provide many ways to play, having a few toys or extra activities makes it much easier to bring playtime anywhere. 

Today’s beach toys are a little different than the plastic buckets, molds, and shovels that we brought along with us when we were kids. Today’s beach toys focus on using recycled materials to create sustainable toys. Don’t worry. If your child isn’t a swimmer, there is still plenty for them to do on a trip to the beach. Keep reading to find out! 

1. Build The Biggest Castle with Zsilt Toys

Zsilt takes your usual beach toys and makes them incredibly interesting and beautiful to look at – they are just like a work of art! Made in the Netherlands and using recycled materials (yay!), Zsilt creates buckets, shovels, and more. All of the toys are made in vibrant yet soothing colors that really help to spark the imagination. One toy that particularly stands out is the sand scraper. This unique toy lets you make fun patterns in the sand that mimic the shape of waves. 


things to do at beach, Build Castle with Zsilt Toys


2. Foldable Frisbee by Scrunch Kids

Recyclable, reusable, and made with silicone, Scrunch Kid’s Foldable Frisbee is perfect for on-the-go play. If you are looking for a beach toy that the entire family can use, then this is the perfect find. Frisbees are extremely portable, and there are so many different games you can play with them. If the usual frisbee toss isn’t much fun for your kids, have them try beach frisbee golf! All you have to do is use the object that you already have with you as targets – umbrella, blanket, towels, etc. Everyone takes turns tossing the frisbee as close to the target as possible. To keep things fair and frustration low, let younger kids move closer to the target during their turn.

Beach toys to play at beach,  Sillicon portable frisbee by scrunch kids

3. Fly A Kite

There really is nothing quite like that twinkle of wonder and imagination children get in their eyes when they see something truly remarkable. And watching a kite float across the sky always seems to spark their imagination. Hapticlab makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind kites in the shape of sailing ships. You and your little one can watch them sail across a sea of clouds in eight different colors!

A colorful sailboat kite flying in blue sky at the beach.

4. Quut Toys 

The sand and the ocean are the perfect backdrops for an outdoor playroom – the water and the sand are easy to play with, and they can be used to build things! Quut Toys makes safe, multi-use toys that are perfect for playtime at the beach. Whether your little one wants to dig as far down into the sand as they can or use the Ballo bucket to play water bucket relay. These unique toys are sure to keep your kids occupied for the long days spent by the ocean.


Boy playing with watering can on beach with quut beach toys around



Two kids Playing at beach with Quut Toys in hands.



Quut Beach toys to play at beach.
A kid Happily Playing with beach toys at a beach.


5. Make Sand Ice Cream Cones With Liewood

No need to wait for the ice cream truck to come your way with a tasty treat. Your children can make your own ice cream right in the sand! Just pretend, of course. These adorable ice cream cone molds will help your child expand their creativity and imagination. All they have to do is scoop the sand (oops, we mean ice cream) into the cone and top it with a fun and colorful ice cream mold. These are perfect for playing in both the sand and the water. 


Sand Cone Ice Cream Placed in Liewood buckets for kids to play at beach.


6. Blow Giant Bubbles With Dr. Zigs

It is no secret that children are delighted by bubbles – they love watching them float and dance across the sky! With Dr. Zig’s, you can help them take their bubbles to the next level! Dr. Zig’s giant bubbles truly live up to their name and your expectations. There are many different kits and unique ways to play with the giant bubbles. Did we mention they come in many different colors? How fun! 


A kid Making Giant Bubbles with Dr Zigs kit.


7. Beach Treasure Hunt

What better place to set a treasure hunt than the beach! Your kids will feel like pirates as they dig through sand and search the beach high and low to find the coveted treasures. Bringing playtime to the beach is easy with this game. All you need is a list of objects or treasures that your kids can hunt along the shore. These can include crabs, wood, rocks, shells, feathers, anything you may find on a beach. Give them a bucket to collect their treasure, and may the best pirate win!

8. Build A Beach Obstacle Course

Ready, set, go! The beach is a perfect place to create an obstacle course! Building an obstacle course here is truly limitless. You can use towels, sandcastles, beach chairs, and even sand to design your course. Use movement to make it more fun, such as crab walking around the umbrella or tossing rocks into a hole in the sand. Going to the beach with a large crew? The more, the merrier! Split into teams and make it a relay race.

9. Drawing In The Sand

Use sticks, toys, and anything else you may find at the beach to create artistic masterpieces in the sand! Our Play And Go waterproof bag is perfect for carrying around all of your stuff. While you kids play Picasso in the sand, you can keep all of their toys in one place without getting sand and water all of your other beach gear.


Beach Toys and Beach clothes for kids placed together.


10. Water Bucket Relay

Relay races are exciting, fun, and loved by every kid! Of course, you could try the old carrying an egg on a spoon race, but why not try something new? Water bucket relay races are perfect for playtime at the beach. All you have to do is give your child a large shell, plastic cup, or any other beach toy that can hold water. With this, they can run back and forth between the water and their bucket. The first person to fill up their bucket wins!

Final Thoughts
With a little imagination and creativity, your kids can play anywhere! And the beach is full of opportunities to incorporate games and activities into the ocean’s natural playground. To make packing and clean up easier, a waterproof bag ensures that your toys and all of the water and sand they collect stay exactly where they should. Which beach toy or activity or you most excited to try this summer?