5 Back To School Essentials For Your Kids!

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With the first day of school right around the corner, the time has come again to ensure that the school year starts off on the right foot! Back-to-school shopping is often a stressful (but fun!) time to enjoy picking out a few new things for the new year.

Whether your little one is taking their first steps into the classroom or returning to a year full of fun, friends, learning, and so much more, it is always essential to ensure that they are well-stocked, super prepared, and ready to go. Here’s what they will need to make this year the best one yet!

#1 Desks

Learning doesn’t end when they leave class and walk through the front door. Having a place for your kids to continue their studies at home is crucial to their overall learning experience. The great thing about picking the right desk is that there are so many to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your child. Here are a few of our top choices!

The Perfect Desk For Your Little One

Study Desk for toddlers who have not joined school yet.


You are never too young to give your first desk a new home in your room. While little ones can certainly benefit from having their own “work” space, their needs are definitely different than those of an older child. Younger children will most likely use their desks to color, play, look at books, and explore other learning toys such as puzzles. Ensuring that their desk is the right size and provides a comfy and safe seat like the one pictured above is a great fit for toddlers and younger kids.

A Place To Play And Study

Kids study desk placed in a room with playing essentials for the school kid.


As your child gets a bit older and moves into first and second grade, they will likely start to bring home assignments to complete before the next school day. This desk is a perfect addition to any room as it isn’t too big, but it provides just the right amount of space for your kids to have a designated work area. The built-in shelf leaves plenty of room for notebooks, writing and coloring utensils, and so much more! When their homework is finished and they are ready to play, this desk and matching chair gives them plenty of space for all of their favorite toys.

For The Older Kids

Study Desk for older kids with decorative background.


As your little one grows up, they require more space for both homework and playtime. This desk offers plenty of table space and two drawers to make sure that your kids can fit everything needed for their studies, art projects, games, toys, books, and anything else they want to fill their time with! Our Mini Space Bag is great for storing pencils, pens, and other writing utensils close by and within reach for those last-minute homework problems.

#2 School Bags

Back to School, School bags for kids in pink and blue colours.


Our kids certainly have to haul more books, tablets, and other supplies to school than we did back in our day. Luckily, they can do so with much more style. These Jeune Premier school bags let your kids show off their personal style while ensuring that all of their most important supplies make it to school and back home safely. Your little one will love matching these bags to all of their most beloved outfits.

Pink Patterned school bag for kids to use for School


Every parent is all too familiar with their children and their phases – one day it's their favorite Disney character, the next day it's space, and next month we have moved on to dinosaurs! Thankfully, Jack Piers & Co. makes it easy to find the bag that sports a few of your kid’s favorite things. With plenty of options for both boys and girls, your little one will love showing off their back at school, whether it’s bursting with a cherry and ice-cream design or zooming with their favorite race cars. Don’t forget the added bonus of matching pencil cases and gym bags!

#3 Lunch Boxes

Stainless Steel Lunchboxes for School KIds, Pink green and yellow colour.


For mommies, it’s a purse, and for little ones, it is their favorite lunch box. Let’s face it, our kids are much more stylish than we were during our school days. While some kids like to sport bags with their favorite tv or movie characters, others prefer a more modern take. These eco-friendly lunch boxes are made with stainless steel and can take even the hardest drops and bumps. They come in a great selection of colors, so you can surprise your little one with their favorite!

#4 Educational Toys

Educational toys for kids placed at a shelf.


Every parent knows that learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. However, that does not mean that you have to spend Saturday afternoons practicing flashcards with your kids to ensure that they are making the most of their formative years. Educational toys like these math blocks help to make learning fun – and they are so darn cute! Did we mention that they fit perfectly into your storage bag? Even mom and dad can make counting fun with these beautiful blocks.

Math block Educational toy for kids to play and learn simultaneously


This calendar doubles as a toy and an inspiring piece of décor! Your kids can learn more about planning, time, and keeping track of their days with the minimalist wooden My Calendar from Moon Picnic. A great way to incorporate this toy into your routine is to have your kids pull it out to plan their day while you plan yours.

#5 Fun Décor With An Educational Twist

Fun Educational Decorations for School kids to learn and play.


Keep the learning present at all times for your little one – even when they may not realize it! Educational wall art and decals help your kids memorize essential learning concepts such as letters, numbers, geography, astronomy, and so much more! These pieces make a great addition to any room and will go perfectly with that new desk.

Playing matt for kids and books placed on it for fun education.


Playtime is the perfect time to explore, and what better way to take your little one on a trip than with a playmat that showcases the entire world! Younger kids can point out and discover cultural themes and pictures while playing comfortably on their mats. While they may be small, their adventures can be enormous!

Final Thoughts

Though it may seem like a challenge, making learning fun for your little one does not have to be a difficult task. There are so many fun and creative ways to incorporate important things for them to learn throughout their day. Whether it’s wall art, the perfect backpack, or a stylish desk to give them the space to explore, the real learning is never ender and always an adventure!