5 Autumn Crafts You Need to Try Out

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5 Autumn Crafts You Need to Try Out

5 Autumn Crafts You Need to Try Out The leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees; the days are getting colder and the chunky cardigans are out. It’s almost time for one of our favourite months: autumn! What makes autumn special for you and your family? For us, it’s the coziness and togetherness. The busy summer has ended and since the weather is changing, we often like to cuddle up at home with warm cups of tea or chocolate milk. The scenery outside is stunning: we find some of our favourite colour palettes all around us. All those orange-brown trees transform any neighbourhood into something special. And not to forget the crunching of dried leaves under rain boots! It’s clear autumn is one of our favourite seasons. So what better way to welcome it than with art and crafts? Here are 5 autumn crafts you can do to bring autumn into your home. Autumn Leaf Sun Catcher by Artful Parent What to do with all those beautiful leaves? Grab a bag and go for a walk and gather as many leaves as you can. Because you’ll discover plenty of ideas here. One thing you can do with fresh autumn leaves: create this wonderful sun catcher! Click here to see the full tutorial & tips to create this simple work of art

Autumn Leaf Bowl If you still have lots of leaves left - which you probably do : ) - then give this awesome bowl a go. While some of the other craft tutorials will only last a short while before the colours of leaves start fading, this one will hold onto it’s colours quite well because of the protective layers. TIP: Why not create an autumn table? Where you showcase all your beautiful findings and crafts? It can help to set the mood in your home and you can place this leaf bowl in the midst of your decorations! Click here for the tutorial.

Autumn Bugs When you’re going for an autumn walk, you’ll probably stumble upon many other things. Like dried seed, sticks, and pinecones. So what can you do with all of those? Don’t just throw them away - create a collage .. or perhaps some creepy crawlies! The bugs were entirely made by leaves, sticks and seeds. Get your glue ready and lay out all of your findings on the table. Move things around to see what you can create and then stick it together! You can also try to make houses and cities and other objects. Get creative and see what your kids can come up with.

Negative Space Autumn Leaf Printing Bring out the paint! If you want to create some autumn inspired artworks that you want to keep/archive, try this painting technique. You’re making use of negative space and paint all around the leaves to create a beautiful composition. Kids can use sponges and perhaps even handmade brushes (from nature!) to paint their canvas. A wonderful craft for all ages. (lots of open-ended questions included, great!) Click here for the tutorial.

No-glue Leaf Luminaries Here’s another autumn craft on our to-do list. These lanterns are just gorgeous for any time of year and will really bring autumn into your home. All you need is leaves and contact paper (you know, the see-through, sticky kind of paper you may use on windows). Within no time, you’ll be ready to light up your lanterns. Use safe LED-lights and scatter them all over the house for that special autumn vibe. Click here for further instructions.