Essentials for The Perfect Nursery

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Essentials for The Perfect Nursery

So what makes a perfect nursery? It’s a room where your little one feels safe and secure. A space designed with them in mind. This could sometimes mean merging your own bedroom into a baby-friendly area, especially if you’re co-sleeping. 

Here are our top essentials for creating the perfect nursery along with inspiration. 

1. A place to snooze

Will you go for a modern moses basket near your bedside? Or perhaps a cot that can grow with your baby? There are many options to choose from. Make sure to choose a good mattress and avoid dangerous items for babies such as pillows during naptime, baby cot bumpers or baby sleeping pods

A place to snooze

2. Changing area 

Let’s be completely honest here - you can change a dirty diaper practically anywhere! But having a changing area can be incredibly handy when you’re at home. Keep everything you need - wipes, diapers, clean clothes - nearby and ready to use. TIP: We’ve seen people use our Play&Go Mini bags for toiletries. Hang the Mini bags on a hook or carry it from room to room with all your stuff ready to use. 

 Changing area

Photo by: mimimilulu Instagram

3. A place to feed your little one

Pick a cozy corner in your room and go for a snug armchair to sit in with your little one. Breastfed or bottlefed, easily feed your little one and get a bit of rest at the same time. Bonus points: you can turn this area into a reading area later with a cool bookcase. 

4. Space to play

When your baby is reaching the age of laying on their tummy, a new world opens up for them. They can lift up their heads, look around and explore the world in their own way. Tummy time is a great way to introduce your baby to crinkle toys or other sensory baby toys. Our Play&Go Soft range is made for tummy time!

5. Nursery Storage

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love smart storage solutions. Baskets, boxes and bags, you name it, we love it. You can reuse existing pieces of furniture (no need to get anything new) such as a chest of drawers that you can store all those adorbz baby clothes in, and it can double as a changing area. 

A place to feed your little one

via @giggleandplayirl 

6. Art on the walls

An overlooked aspect of designing a room for children: art! While some do purchase prints/posters for kids, they are not often hung at the right height* or the prints don’t contain more than a name or a letter. Don’t hold back, you can go all out! 

You don’t have to break the bank for great, appealing and engaging art. Get your paintbrushes out, use washi tape wall stickers, big vinyl stickers and turn your wall into your canvas.

*A great Montessori tip: Hang artworks at the height of your children so they can actually see it, focus on it and admire it.

7. Baby toys

Lastly, from classic crinkle toys to the prettiest handmade wooden blocks, there’s a lot you can stimulate your baby’s senses with. Scatter the toys around on a soft playmat and let them explore these new objects with curiosity.

 Baby toys

Nursery Essentials Buying Guide

Sleep: Bed Nest 
One of our favourite cribs out there.. and seriously good-looking! You get to keep your baby nearby which is soothing for your little one, especially after spending 9+ months in your womb. The crib can easily be folded, making it easy to take with you on trips. Pair it up with a Play&Go Mini and you’re good to go!

Nursery Essentials Buying Guide

Clean: Baby Changing Mat by Leander Furniture
Out with the old, in with the new! These changing mats look nothing like the standard ones. Redesigned and perfect for 2020, these changing mats are modern, easy to clean and make life (or at least nappy changes) a breeze.

Baby Changing Mat by Leander Furniture

Photo by @linebandersen.

Play: Wooden Baby Gym by Plantoys
Our friends at Plantoys have created this gorgeous, timeless baby gym. You don't need many toys for a little baby, but a baby gym can keep them engaged when they start to observe their surroundings and reach out to grab things. 

Play&Go Soft Playmat, Diaper Bag and Storage Bag in 1

Storage: Play&Go Soft Playmat, Diaper Bag and Storage Bag in 1
If we’re talking about babies, we can’t omit our own quilted Soft Collection, designed for the young ones. We recently launched new prints in collaboration with Sophie La Giraffe as well as Moulin Roty. 
With the Soft mat, you can easily create a comfortable area for your little one, anywhere in your home. No more searching for “tummy time toys” as you pull the strings of the playmat.. and store everything inside.
The handle makes it easy to attach the playmat to a stroller. Good for parents who are often on the go!