Kids room lamps to brighten any kids room

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Kids room lamps to brighten any kids room

When it comes to kids room lighting, there are many options to choose from. There are fairy lights, colourful lamp shades and funky animals. However, not all lamps are good for your little one. Yes, you read that right. Not all lighting is created equally.

Research shows that being exposed to room lighting at night can block melatonin production, the sleep hormone. So before we start sharing some of the best lights, we’ll have to make a distinction between the purposes.

Lamps for fun, tasks and reading 

Especially during the gloomy winter months, night seems to fall early. Good lighting can make such a difference when there isn’t much natural light at all. You can opt for all kinds of lights in this case: lights for kids desks (task lights), lights for reading and lights that look mighty fun to have.

Good lighting can soften any room (great for babies and their developing eyes) and make it a pleasant place to be. Just make sure that lighting for kids is safe: tall floor lamps can pose danger for toddlers who love to explore. And some lights overheat, which you’ll want to avoid or keep out of reach.

Why you need different lights for the night 

While we all try to make bedtime fun, the last thing you want is to wake your little one up even more. There are a lot of nightlights available, but some are more about fun than function. Keeping this in mind when you’re shopping for nightlamps specifically, will help you make better choices.

Dimmable lights are okay, but amber or red lights are best. As dimmable lights can still disrupt sleep for kids AND parents. Most energy saving bulbs still emit blue light which is what blocks melatonin production in both adults and kids. So even we, parents, could benefit from picking good lighting (and yes, we shouldn’t really have screentime before bedtime!)

We’ve selected some of our favourite lamps that are creative and playful: lamps that look fun and are great for general purposes (during playtime, reading and other tasks). You can get dimmable red or amber lightbulbs to turn any lamp into suitable nightlights

Vasili Lights

Do you love paper crafts, unusual designs and ocean creatures? If you’ve answered yes to all, then these lamps by Vasili Lights are perfect for you. Do take note, you’ll have to put these lamps together yourself. It’s part of what makes Vasili Lights special and sustainable.

Created by two architects in 2015, Vasili Popov and Lidiya Koloyarskaya.

“Inspired by the Nordic seaside and the oceans’ many bioluminescent creatures, they create paper craft lampshades in the shape of aquatic animals.

Each lamp is a reflection of their architectural background and is designed with an eye for detail.”

Lamps for kidsroom

LUNA LANA - Stephanie Ng Design. 

We’re going on a safari trip, it’s a beautiful day, we’re not scared. No, really. There’s no need to be scared of these safari creatures. The LUNA LANA collection were created by Stephanie Ng Design in 2013, consisting of an elephant, zebra, lion and giraffe hand-knitted from 100% Merino Wool (which is a sustainable, natural material that does not absorb water and has the highest fire resistance compared to other natural fabrics).

“LUNA LANA®, literally means "moon" and "wool" in Spanish, and was inspired by imagining a beanie snugly fitted over a full moon. Knitting during the cold winter months inspired this soft, beautiful lighting design concept of woven warm, globe covers that wrap and intertwine in intricate patterns resulting in beautiful handiwork.”

Mr Maria Lighting

From Miffy lamps to other large, illuminating shapes, Mr Maria brings a lot of whimsy to your space. The Mr Maria collection offers large, warm lights that you simply want to hug. Since these lights are dimmable, they can be a good option for kids rooms (and maybe one for yourself as well, while you’re at it!)

One of our favourites is the Lia Lamp, in the shape of a heart, that looks modern and timeless, yet warm and inviting. For those corners of the kids room that deserve a bit of light and.. love.

“Love takes all forms and shapes, love can be seen, heard and felt everywhere. In other words: love can’t be missed and needs to be shared.”

Little Lights

Speaking of love, this company has poured their heart into creating Little Lights, creating every lamp by hand. From the sanding and the painting and shaping of these lovely lamps, each one is made with love and care.

These lamps are excellent to decorate the kids room with. Which letter of the alphabet will you pick? Or will you go for a rainbow instead? Whatever you’ll pick, these creative, inspiring lamps can add a lot of fun to any playroom.

toddler room rainbow lamp